What’s Included?

checkmarkRotary Screw Compressor with Integrated Dryer and Tank

Kaeser AIRCENTERS and AIRTOWERS are the answer to many challenges. The integrated design reduces time spent planning and purchasing your air system. We combine the reliability, energy efficiency, and easy-to-service design of our industrial rotary screw compressors into a quiet, space-saving package complete with storage tank and air treatment equipment. They arrive completely assembled, saving you a lot of time and expense.

checkmarkClean Air Treatment Package

With an integrated dryer and oil-coalescing filter, your KAirFree system will supply compressed air free of oil and water condensate.

checkmarkKaeser Condensate Filter

Condensate from compressed air includes a small amount of oil that, per EPA guidelines, must be removed before draining to the environment. The Kaeser Condensate Filter (KCF) automatically removes lubricant from compressor condensate. This allows for easy and economical disposal of condensate in an environmentally responsible way. The low maintenance system requires no electricity for operation.

checkmarkStart-up, Parts, and Service

Factory certified Kaeser Air Service technicians will start-up your compressor and instruct you on proper operation and weekly checks. All parts for maintenance and repairs are included in your usage fees. In addition, we will mount the filters, drain and supply a ball valve and 3′ flex hose to connect to your piping system.