What is KAirFree?

KAirFree is compressed air as a service. It gives you guaranteed compressed air with no hidden costs. Instead of buying a compressor, you pay for the air you use. KAirFree includes all maintenance and any repairs that might come up.

KAirFree Hours Run


KAirFree Uptime

Compressed Air Headaches

Unplanned Expenses


(7.5 hp and 24 cfm)

/per hour

• $2,500 delivery and start-up.
• Downtime insurance $250/hr.
• $0.50/hour adder for single-phase power


(10 hp and 37 cfm)

/per hour

• $3,250 delivery and start-up | $2,500 through July 5
• Downtime insurance  $500/hr


(15 hp and 59 cfm)

/per hour

• $3,750 delivery and start-up | $2,800 through July 5
• Downtime insurance $500/hr


(20 hp and 77 cfm)

/per hour

• $4,000 delivery and start-up.
• Downtime insurance  $1000/hr



• Talk to us about your needs. • We can create custom KAirFree plans.
• Check out our Sigma Air Utility program.

Note: All plans have a 40 hr/month minimum.

Payment Methods Accepted:

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), eCheck
Terms and conditions

I chose KAirFree because I didn’t have much capital to start.  I like the quietness of the compressor and the high CFM offered.


We are a new production operation, so we didn’t know the specifics of our air usage.  The online process was excellent!


To buy a new Kaeser compressor would have been cost-prohibitive for us, so KAirFree gave us access to a new machine.  For the price, you can’t beat the value!


I chose KAirFree because it was the fastest and easiest way to get air.  I like the flexibility since we don’t need to own a compressor.


I am more than pleased with this service and equipment that comes along with this program. It is exactly what my company needed and will continue to use with the company’s growth!

KAirFree Customer

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