Frequently Asked Questions

Transform your shop with a KAirFree system!

How does the cost of KAirFree compare to ownership?

Consider a typical one-shift operation running 2,000 hours per year. With a KAirFree SM 10 system, the annual usage costs are $2,200 or $183 per month. Including the annual $3,250 access fee brings the total to $5,450. This is easily less than a third the annual cost of ownership, operations, and maintenance. Combine these cost savings with the flexibility to increase or decrease compressor size as needed. In addition, you’re only paying for the electricity to run the compressor you need, not the compressor you may need in the future. With 24/7 support and no hidden costs, KAirFree is the lowest-cost option to run your shop.

What’s included in the access fee?

Complete compressed air station with compressor, dryer, receiver tank, mounted oil-coalescing filter with automatic drain and mounted oil/water separator. In addition, it includes freight to your location and start-up of the equipment.

What does the usage fee include?

All maintenance and repair to your compressor including emergency response during normal business hours. Monthly usage reports with remote system status monitoring.

What if I need a different size unit?

Notify your local Kaeser office of your desire to change and we will ship you the size unit you request. You only pay the difference in access fee, pro-rated based on the number of months your unit has been in operation for the annual contract. If the unit you select is smaller, we will credit you the difference, pro-rated based on the number of months in operation. The original contract start and end dates do not change.

What happens if the compressor breaks down and won’t run?

In this unlikely event, contact your local Kaeser office and we will work to get you up and running as quickly as possible. If an onsite visit is necessary, you can determine whether you’d like an after-hours call or during normal business hours. If after-hours is needed, the overtime charges will be billed but you will only pay the difference between after-hours and normal business hour labor charges.

Can I have more than one KAirFree system?

Yes! Each is on its own contract but you can have as many as you’d like.

Can I get my access fee back if I don’t like the unit?

No, the access fee is non-refundable. Consider the restocking charge you’d pay for returning a piece of equipment you purchased and it’s likely more than your KAirFree access fee.

Is KAirFree available in my area?

KAirFree is currently available in all areas served by Kaeser factory stores. You can check if there is one in your area here by visiting our website. Enter your zip code and it will confirm if you are served by a distributor or factory store.

Is equipment always available?

KAirFree equipment is nearly always available. If there is a delay, you will be notified by your local Kaeser representative. We have multiple stocking locations and maintain a high level of inventory because we know air is critical to your business.

Is the equipment always new?

We guarantee that your KAirFree unit will either be new or like new. When not new, the units are recent model years, have low hours and are fully maintained. Remember, you only pay for the air you use so we want your supply to be uninterrupted.