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Is KAirFree Right for Me?

Is KAirFree right for me?

If you’re trying to decide between the KAirFree option or purchasing your compressor outright, consider the following:   


You should choose to own and maintain if: Choose KAirFree if:
Flexibility and capacity You know your exact air needs and don’t think these will go up or down in the future. You’re a start-up, or your air needs may change and you’d like the flexibility to get a larger or smaller unit as needed.
Operations and maintenance You want to track, coordinate, and pay for maintenance and repairs as needed. You prefer to have the cost based on fixed price per operating hour, without an additional expense for maintenance or repair.
Investment costs You have excess capital available or want to tap into your credit, and want the equipment as assets on your books. You would rather have compressed air as an operating expense and pay for hours of usage.

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How does the cost of KAirFree compare to ownership?

If you know the volume of air you need and the average annual operating hours, you can calculate the costs of purchasing and paying for service vs KAirFree. 

But this calculation will not take into account the additional benefits of KAirFree such as:

  • More predictable cash flow 
  • Downtime insurance 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Less administration time
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease compressor size as needed

Generally, if you run the compressor less than 2000 hours annually,  the overall cost for KAirFree is lower than purchasing the compressor and paying for PM and repair services over the life of the compressor.  Most 5 to 20 hp compressor owners run far less than 2000 hours annually.  With KAirFree you are paying for the resource as you use it instead of a large upfront cost with periodic service visits. Also consider that people typically buy a larger compressor than needed, with future growth in mind.  This further increases costs associated with purchase, service, and energy costs.

What’s included in the delivery and start-up fee?

This fee includes your complete compressed air station with compressor, dryer, receiver tank, mounted oil-coalescing filter with automatic drain and mounted oil/water separator. In addition, it includes freight to your location and start-up of the equipment.

What does the usage fee include?

The monthly usage fee covers all maintenance and repair to your compressor including emergency response during normal business hours. It also covers the monthly usage reports, remote system status monitoring, and downtime insurance (Note: the Bootstrap plan does not include downtime insurance). This usage fee may vary month-to-month depending on the compressor’s operating hours. See plan details for rate per plan.

What if I need a different size unit?

If your compressed air needs change, simply notify your local Kaeser office and we will arrange to replace the existing equipment with the new appropriate size. You only pay the difference in access fee, prorated based on the number of months of operation in the current annual contract. If the unit you select is smaller, we will credit you the difference, prorated based on the number of months in operation. The original contract start and end dates do not change.

What happens if the compressor breaks down and won’t run?

In this unlikely event, contact your local Kaeser office and we will work to get you up and running as quickly as possible. If an onsite visit is necessary, you choose whether you’d like an after-hours call or during normal business hours. If after-hours service is needed, you will only pay the difference between after-hours and normal business hour labor charges. 

Can I get my delivery and start-up fee back if I don’t like the unit?

This fee is non-refundable once the equipment is unpackaged on site. This is comparable to common  restocking fees you would pay if you bought a comparable piece of equipment and then returned it. 

Is KAirFree available in my area?

KAirFree is available in all areas in the continental United States served by Kaeser factory branches and authorized distributors. 

Is equipment always available?

KAirFree equipment is nearly always immediately available. We have multiple stocking locations and maintain a high level of inventory.  If there is a delay, you will be notified by your local Kaeser representative.

Is the equipment always new?

We guarantee that your KAirFree unit will either be new or in like-new condition. If used, it will always be a recent model that has been fully maintained and factory certified.  It is in our interest that your compressor is reliable and looks good. 

What if I want to buy it?
KAirFree units are modified for remote monitoring under the KAirFree program, and cannot be sold; however,  you can purchase a standard Kaeser unit at any time by contacting or request a quote from your local Kaeser office.
How are "operating hours" calculated?

Operating hours accumulate whenever the compressor motor is running. Our compressors cycle between loaded (making compressed air) and unloaded (idling when no air is needed). The compressor motor will stop after a short idle period if air is still not needed, but the unit will automatically turn on and load if system pressure drops below your desired set point. This control method achieves a balance between minimizing unnecessary run time and maintaining proper operating temperature for reliability.

How can I reduce my monthly operating hours?

Compressors cannot distinguish between leaks and productive uses of air, so the best ways to lower your operating hours are to find and repair leaks in piping, fittings and hoses, and to turn the compressor off at the end of the work day.  This can be done manually each day or by a timer on the controller.  

How can I contact you?

You can use our Chat Box to talk to a real live person who can help you choose a plan or answer any general questions about the program. You can also email us at, or give us a call at 800-777-7873, option 6.

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