KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 7.5 | 28 cfm | 125 psig


Annual Access Fee

Hourly usage rate: $0.90 (At 2,000 operating hours per year (single shift) your monthly fee is $150)

Flow rate: 28 cfm at 125 psig
Nominal motor output: 7. 5 hp
Compressed air connection:  ¾” NPT
Sound pressure level: 66 dB(A)
Air receiver tank: 53 gal


  • KE (Extra Fine) low-pressure drop coalescing filter
  • KCF oil/water separator
  • Eco-Drain 30 electric demand drain
  • Ball valve and 3′ flex hose for connection to your system

Lease term of 12 consecutive months, a one-time initial Access Fee and monthly usage charges for the 12 month term are not reimbursable or refundable, regardless of there being a termination event, except as provided in the terms and conditions.

Additional information

Weight 661 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 23 × 62 in
Required floor space

6 sq ft

Max Operating Pressure

125 psig

Full Load Amps (230V/3ph/60Hz)

22 Amps

Recommended disconnect fuse size (230V/3ph/60Hz)


Full Load Amps (460V/3ph/60Hz)

11 Amps

Recommended wire size (per phase and ground) (230V/3ph/60Hz)

10 AWG

Recommended disconnect fuse size (460V/3ph/60Hz)


Recommended wire size (per phase and ground) (460V/3ph/60Hz)

14 AWG




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