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Getting started with a KAirFree system is easy:

  1. Review the options below from either the 125 psig or 160 psig tables based on your air system’s operating pressure. Need help picking the right one?
  2. Click on the model to review unit details and then add it to your cart.
  3. Review your cart and enter your payment information to submit your order.

125 psig KAirFree Systems

ModelsCFMAnnual Access Fee*Monthly Usage Fee**
KAirFree AIRTOWER 5C21$1,700$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 5C – Single-phase21$2,000$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 521$2,000$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 5 – Single-phase21$2,300$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 7.5C28$2,000$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 7.5C – Single-phase28$2,300$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 7.528$2,500$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 7.5 – Single-phase28$2,800$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 7.532$3,000$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 1046$3,250$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 1555$3,500$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SK 1571$3,750$1.25/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SK 2088$4,000$1.25/hr

160 psig KAirFree Systems

ModelsCFMAnnual Access Fee*Monthly Usage Fee**
KAirFree AIRTOWER 5C17$1,700$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 5C – Single-phase17$2,000$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 517$2,000$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 5 – single-phase17$2,300$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 7.5C24$2,000$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRTOWER 7.5C – Single-phase24$2,300$0.80/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 7.524$2,500$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SX 7.5 – single-phase24$2,800$0.90/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 7.526$3,000$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 1037$3,250$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SM 1546$3,500$1.10/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SK 1559$3,750$1.25/hr
KAirFree AIRCENTER SK 2077$4,000$1.25/hr

*Access fee covers shipping, piping to your system, and start-up and is charged annually.

** Usage fee is charged to your credit card or account on a recurring monthly basis based on how many hours you operate the unit.